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Question: These Days Why Would Anyone Opt For Wooden Windows in their House in Racine County?

Answer: The Wooden Window Industry Has Made HUGE Advancements In Window Technology Making Replacement or New Construction Wood Windows Attractive Again

When Racine County homeowners ask the question, "Should I replace my old wooden windows", the response is generally, "What should I replace them with"? Many house owners look at the original existing wooden windows in their home and question why anyone would ever want wooden windows. Rotting wooden outsides, mildew and mold on the interiors, drafty single glass sashes, and peeling paint, why would anybody want that?

Today's clad wood window is a totally different story. New wooden windows offer maintenance free extruded aluminum clad outsides, unlimited outside color selections, factory stained wooden interiors, high performance insulated low E coated glass, argon gas, and unlimited design options. Wood and clad/wood windows have the structure strength for just about any window configuration you can think of. Custom sizing is now pretty much of a standard when ordering new windows. Wooden windows are not just New Construction products any longer.

Replacement Wood Windows

The Replacement window market in Racine County is huge. We are now able to do complete tear-out or pocket window installations with the new wooden windows. This was something that couldn't be done 10 years ago, there were no insert of pocket wood windows. The innovations in the insulated glass market are amazing. We now see new glass spacers, multiple low E coatings, different gas mixes, and triple pane systems. All of these things along with proper moisture control can help greatly in the elimination of condensation. Take a close look at your Racine County residence and see if the "look of wood" needs to be there. The beauty of wood is available to you.


If all of today's windows were made with one or two exterior colors window replacement might be a whole lot simpler. But, that is not the case. Marvin Windows for example offers 20 different standard colors for the extruded aluminum clad exterior of their windows and doors. This array of colors gives Racine County homeowners a lot of flexibility when looking at color schemes for the outside of their place. The Marvin exterior paint system is one of the best on the market offering commercial grade paint finishes. No more peeling paint, priming, or re-painting. The extruded aluminum windows and doors on the market today offer much more strength and durability than the old wood or "Roll Formed" aluminum windows of the past. No more dings and dents in most cases. As you would expect most of the top manufacturers will offer a wide variety of outside extruded aluminum moldings to finish off any window replacement project you have in mind.


One of the advantages of a wood window is the overall interior appearance and how it relates to the design of your home. Does your Racine County residence have a lot of other wooden trim and moldings throughout? When replacing existing windows with new wooden windows you will have the option to stain and varnish the inside, or even paint it. Being able to stain the interior will allow for an exact match to the rest of the woodwork in the home, everything matches looking like it did when the home was new. Many manufacturers are now offering factory stained or painted insides. Most have several different standard colors to choose from and generally do a good job in the factory controlled settings of their paint shop. The key is to make sure that the new colors match the existing wood work in the residence. It is hard to pick colors from a small stain or paint sample in a dim light in the corner of your bedroom on the side of the window. Wait for good bright day or find a place where the stain colors can be clearly seen. The look and beauty of real wood is hard to duplicate. Many vinyl windows have tried, few are successful.

Wood Window Installation

The installation of wooden windows and doors is now available in the complete replacement form or with the pocket or insert method. Maybe your window frame and the interior casings are in good shape and a pocket window will fit the bill. Install a new window inside of the existing frame and leave all of the woodwork as is. Stain the inside to match the existing casing and the inside will be done and looking good. On the outside, wrap all of the outsidewood in aluminum coil and re-caulk to the existing siding, stone or brick. This should give you a maintenance free exterior for years to come. You should now have a fresh new interior, maintenance free outside, and a high efficiency window. Insert windows are generally a little less expensive to have installed instead of the full replacement variety. There is usually less materials needed as well as it takes less time. Except for certain size restrictions, insert windows allow homeowners to change window styles within the existing window frame. Take out that casement window you never like and install a new casement or awning window. Turn that picture window opening into a 2 wide casement or a sliding window so as to get some more air in the residence.


Many times existing wood windows have to be replaced because of decay and deterioration. The outside wooden storm window or the brickmould casings are rotting and water and air infiltration are a problem. Wait too long and the problem gets worse as water gets in the wall and causes all kinds of issues. These are the windows that will need the New Construction, full tear-out method of installation. We frequently remove the old window from Racine County homes completely down to the studs, just like when the place was built. We repair the opening replacing rotten boards as needed. The opening is leveled, and we are ready to install your new window. New construction installation includes squaring the new window, shimming the new window, low expansion spray foam insulation, and an air and water stopping rubbed membrane applied to the exterior perimeter of the new window over the nailing flanges. Once the new window is installed new inside casing is applied. On the outside we often replace the existing trim with some type of new low or no maintenance product.

No More Window Condensation to Cause Rotting Window Frames

One of the most frequent complaints about wood windows has to deal with condensation on the glass. If the water is left there the wooden will mold, mildew, and start to rot. The condensation issue is a multiple part problem. Condensation is a condition caused by moisture in the house coming in contact with the cold glass. The old windows usually are poor performers, single glass, bad weather-strips, and poor installation cause these problems. With the new wood, wooden/clad windows on the market today we can eliminate a lot of the problems. The new high performance glass packages today significantly help lower the glass temperature so condensation is not an issue. New designs in weather-stripping help to curb air infiltration so the window opening stays warm and dry. Along with the advances in window glass and design, other heating and ventilation innovations can help to make condensation a non-issue - even in your Racine County home,

Installation of wood windows and doors can be a little more involved than with other kinds of windows. A little more attention to detail is required. No you don't have to be a journeyman carpenter, but you do need to understand wooden, and the principals involved in air and water infiltration. There is nothing worse than a new window installed with new interior casing and the miters on each corner have gaps and are not tight. All windows need to be shimmed. Not shimming windows will in time lead to air and water infiltration and poor or no operation. Low expansion insulating foam will help to provide no gaps for the outside air cold to enter the home. Nailing flange tape applied over the nailing flange on the outer perimeter of the window also aid in stopping air and water.

Our installers are certified at several different levels in regard to installation, lead and asbestos issues, insulation, and flashing procedures and replace windows in Racine County. All of our installers are certified through each of our window and door companies.  Contact us and we'll be delighted to come out to your home and provide you with some ideas and a free estimate for replacing your windows.

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